RPG Room

For the second year, Terminal City Tabletop Convention will be online and we’re going to be running roleplaying games. We’ll be running a wide variety of games online from D&D to brand new indie RPGs. Every game will be set up by our organising team and run by another attendee volunteering to add some awesome to your time at TCTC.

Tables & Slots

We will be running games in 3 slots on Saturday and 2 on Sunday with each slot 4 hours long. Saturday slots are at 9:30am, 2pm, and 7pm. Sunday slots are at 9:30am and 2pm. All times are in Pacific Time.


At TCTC we love our Gamemasters! They are volunteers who are looking to have as much fun as their players. You can run any number of sessions, but it’s about the fun so if you only want to run one, that’s great.

As it is an online con this year, you’ll need to set up your game to run online. Once we post your game on SCHED, we’ll provide you a Discord channel for your game and an Audio/Video channel with the same name. For virtual tabletop platforms there are different options depending on what you want to run. Use what you’re used to or indicate that you’ll need help getting set up on your form. Contact us about being a Gamemaster and to set up a session, players will sign up online later to reserve a slot.


Whether you’re new to RPGs or been playing for years, there are games for you. Don’t worry if you don’t know the game, our Gamemasters will set everything up.

RPG Room Schedule

Once you have your TCTC tickets, register for some games. Once you’re signed up, you’ll gain access to the game’s discord channel, head on there and introduce yourself and check to see if there are any directions from your Gamemaster. If you don’t get a game in advance, just head to the Discord. TCTC Attendees will be there before and during the Con to chat about posted games and to coordinate sessions.

Keep checking back as sessions will be constantly added during the lead up to the convention.

View the Terminal City Tabletop Convention 2021 RPG schedule & directory.