The TCTC Proto-Alley is a space for game designers to showcase and playtest their latest game designs. Meet our local and not-so-local designers, play games that are in-development, and learn about the game creating process.

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KLUZ – A Murder & Mystery Game

2-4 players, 40-90 minutes, 14+

1-4 players, 30 min per player

Kluz’ (Goblin-speak for ‘clues’) is a 1-4 player competitive deduction game set in Western Faerûn, a land teeming with monsters and adventure opportunities. Unlike other deduction games, the number of clues a player can gather is directly tied to their success as adventurers. Each turn, players face agonizing choices: forego an attack to stock up for future odds, recruit a new companion to diversify their options, skip ahead to a desired action while missing other opportunities, or balance engaging in risky combat (which offers the potential for more valuable information) against following a slower, safer path.

Living Buildings

2-4 players, 40-90 minutes, 14+

In “Living Buildings,” assume the role of the Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO), the driving force behind the transformation of standard vertical towers into thriving, dynamic communities. Think of it as an immersive city-building experience where you get to focus on the unique interplay between constructing buildings and meeting your tenants’ resource needs.

Over four engaging years in the game, you’ll confront intriguing challenges such as constructing sustainable towers, attracting a diverse array of residents, and optimizing resource usage. Keep a watchful eye on your annual impact report – essentially your scorecard – reflecting how sustainably you have developed your living building complex.

As the game concludes, a winner emerges. Yet, the game’s unique design extends beyond mere competition. It serves as a fun and subtle reminder of the real-world lessons and systems in play all around us. The nuanced systems you master aren’t confined to the game; they offer insights into our present and future world. Are you ready to take the seat and embark on your role as CSO in Living Buildings?

Brawling Bucket Brigades

2-4 players, 60-90 Minutes, 14+

BRAWLING BUCKET BRIGADES is a deck-building, push your luck exploration game where you play as rival volunteer fire brigades in Manhattan towards the end of the 18th Century. Are you brave enough – or stupid enough – to gain enough renown to be named the first Fire Chief of New York City?

As your reputation and wealth grows, you will hire unique crew members into your gang, each with an array of firefighting and brawling abilities. Dispatch your crew to the many fires ravaging Manhattan, but be careful! If another brigade chooses the same building as you, you must brawl to see who gets the honour to fight that fire (and the glory and loot that comes with it).

Now the firefighting! Rush into the building and put out as many fires as you can, rescuing occupants along the way. And if you come across a lockbox, don’t be shy. The heat will melt the loot down anyway, so you might as well get something for your hard work. Firefighting in the 18th Century is treacherous. Don’t push your luck too hard – you don’t want to be caught in the building when it collapses!


2-4 players, 30-90 Minutes, 10+

It’s fun, it’s frustrating and you can manipulate your opponents game play.

Theme of the game is set in space, our solar system is on the edge of destruction as our sun is dying. In order for the human race to survive they must build a structure to the black hole at the center of our galaxy and travel through to a new galaxy and home.

Objective of the game is the first player to build a 3 dimensional tower from the start point and connect to the center tower to win. Dice and cards determine each player’s turn, how many pieces played, what direction to build and who is affected from each turn. Game play is clockwise.

Winter Palace

6-22 Players, 30-60 Minutes, Ages 8+

The era of the Monarchy is in decline, but the Upper Class hasn’t got the memo. With unrest afoot, a winter full of Masked Balls have been announced while the populace freezes in the streets.

WINTER PALACE is a digitally-enabled ‘on your feet’ social deduction game where players take the roles of guests at a season of four Masked Balls at the Winter Palace of a fictional kingdom. Each role has its own individual win conditions. Some win conditions require collaborating with other roles. Some win conditions are mutually exclusive of others. More than one player can win at a time in the same game. Many roles can win even if their immediate allies lose. Dancing with the wrong person could be the difference between life and death… though some causes are worth dying for.

Players will need to provide their own Mobile Devices to log into the game-server (think Jack-Box Games)   (A VERY limited number of devices may be available)

Masters of Maple Syrup (2nd Ed.)

2 Players, 20 Minutes, Ages 14+
It’s sugaring season on the Canadian Shield! Tap trees, boil sap into syrup and develop your tiny acreage into the finest maple farm in the province.

Downstream (2nd Ed.)

2 Players, 20 Minutes, Ages 14+
A puzzly river building game for two! Create a river together as you each attempt to enrich your own shorelines with plants, animals, mountains and campsites.

Reforest: Plants of the Pacific Northwest Coast

1-4 Players, 30-60 Minutes, Ages 14+
A strategic game of forest succession. Compete to grow the healthiest forest ecosystem by arranging a synergistic tableau of plants, each with their own unique traits and abilities.

Gather Your Party

 2-4 players, 10-20 minutes, 16+

Gather Your Party is a 2-4 player tavern party game where you and all your friends compete to gain the most Reputation across the tavern. Recruit Patrons, send Drink Tokens, claim Quests and avoid all the perils of a night out at the tavern.

Dungeon Crawl

1 player, 10-20 minutes, 8+

Dungeon Crawl is a solo-player dungeon delver game where the player must level up their party in order to navigate the dark twists and turns of the dungeon. Players will uncover useful items, overcome obstacles and defeat monsters to win!

Moon Bunny

1-4 players, 30-60 minutes, 8+

Moon Bunny is a competitive and strategic game that combines grid movement and tile placement mechanics.

Take on the role of a master bunny alchemist inspired by Asian folklore. Your task is to guide your bunny assistants on a journey through the lunar landscape to gather rare Traditional Asian Herbs. Each assistant has their own unique hopping movement pattern, and it is up to you to choose the right ones for the task at hand. Once you have collected the necessary ingredients, bring them back to your workshop and arrange them in a specific pattern to brew the ultimate elixir of life. 

The bunny who is able to gift this elixir to the world, bringing health and happiness to all, wins the game.

Dynasty Rush

2-5 players, 40-120 minutes, 14+

From the days of old in ancient China, what was once a glorious empire is now nothing more than a dream lying in ruin. Shattered by strife, betrayals, and the erosion of authority, the rule of the Han empire is no more. With no true heir in sight, royal families, warlords, bandits, and the like all vie to prove that their authority will reunite the land. The fate of ancient China is in your hands as you lead your faction to glory in Dynasty rush!

Dynasty rush is a area control deck building game that plays with 2-5 players, for 40-120 minutes. Players will be spending the game building up their deck, taking cities and territories, and scoring points while playing with a selection of fifteen unique factions, all featuring famous historical leaders such as Cao Cao, Yuan shao, Dong Zhou, and many more! Do you like to craft an efficient deck? Do you like to be the bully of the board by amassing a huge army? Do you like being the gold hoard and winning the game by being filthy rich? Well, the abilities of each faction has a playstyle for everyone!

Deli Dash

2-4 players, 20-30 minutes, 8+

Deli Dash is a card game where rival sandwich makers hustle to make the most money by the end of the lunch rush! The game is easy to learn, fast-paced, competitive, but light-hearted. It has a fun theme and should leave you wanting to play another game…and another!

Acorn Falls

3-8 players, 20-45 minutes, 8+

Try out our autumn festival themed card game for 3-8 players. In Acorn Falls, play to collect the most acorns across 5 rounds. Forage from other players’ hauls or use distractions to guard your own stash. Collect the most acorns by the end of the game to be crowned the woodland champion of the Acorn Falls Festival.


2-5 players, 5-20 mins

Opticall is a strategic bluffing card game for the nimble witted.  Players must out-stealth the others and catch the bluffs to secure a win.

Created as an easy-to-learn hard-to-master style game, it can be played and won using a variety of tactics and ways.

This game is made by Meister Cards, an independent Canadian game design studio from Nelson BC.

Corps of Discovery: A Game Set in the World of Manifest Destiny

1-4 players, 40-90 minutes with rules expansion, 14+

Play as Lewis and Clark as they explore America, make contact with nations living there and … kill monsters in this 1-4 player cooperative deduction and survival game. Amazing art and strong thematic presence along with a never before seen contraption that makes you feel like you’re really exploring – but without random guesswork. 

Third game from the company that brought you MIND MGMT and Harrow County! Expecting to hit Kickstarter April 23rd!

Parlour Interactive is a new Interactive Entertainment Studio from Vancouver, BC! A multimedia studio, Parlour Interactive is a woman-owned, LGBTQIA+ founded studio focusing on creating immersive experiences through different types of games.


2 players, 45 minutes, 8+

The game where the goal is to NOT LOSE! Yar! Ye Be Pirates on the 7 Seas and you love books! Collect books and place them in librraaarriies for Mermaids to check-out. When Mermaids are a readin’ they ain’t be a creating nautical storms! But be careful, if you have too many books in yer library, it will sink and the mermaids will unleash their aquatic wrath.

The Cursed Deck 

2-6 players, 15 minutes, 13+

Will you get out? Creepy and abandoned building meets humans with questionable survival instincts! You and your bud-dies go “Urban Exploring” in an abandoned medical facility. Someone goes missing. Gotta find them… BUT YOU ONLY HAVE 15 MINS. 

Haunted Hoarders

Haunted Hoarders is Antique Roadshow meets Poltergeist! This game prototype is in its testing phase, and you can try it out. Play an Antique Hunter looking to earn the most points from successful bids, but watch out! Every estate you claim has its own Ghost that can affect your score! Currently testing for 4-6 players


You’re all here – gathered together beyond the door. At the threshold of the afterworld. But what the heck happened!? 

In Epilogue you’ll work together to build the story of your last great adventure. Maybe someone slipped on a banana peel and everyone took a tumble down the stairs. Perhaps a dark fairy stole your soul in a dark cabin. Or was it the hazelnuts in the icing of the cake for the nut-allergy society? 

Epilogue is a storytelling game for 2-8 designed by Emma Larkins (Starry Night Sky, Abandon All Artichokes) with Art by Arnel Baluyot (PopCats Fighter, Star Wars Rivals).


1-8 players, 30-120 minutes

Heed the Crawl to Adventure

A great evil lies dormant somewhere in the world. You travel through the land foraging, fighting, and sneaking. Factions at war offer treasure and secrets to their allies and death to their enemies. Great weapons of legend are rumored to hide buried in the hoards of gargantuan ferocious beasts. And somewhere out there, your quest awaits, find it and gain the power it offers. You are on the QuestCrawl…

Designed for the One-Page RPG Jam 2022, QuestCrawl takes a deck of cards and a couple of dice and makes a world of rich fantasy.  It’s easy to learn, fun to set up, and fast to play. Designed for 1-8 players (yes, you can play solo), games take 30 minutes to 2+ hours, depending on your fortunes and persistence.

Easy to learn and fun to master. You can even use QuestCrawl to generate a history and world setting for other RPG games.