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Proto-Alley Games

The TCTC Proto-Alley is a space for game designers to showcase and playtest their latest game designs. Meet our local and not-so-local designers, play games that are in-development, and learn about the game creating process.

Are you a game designer that would like to show off your game at TCTC 2023? More info here!

Teddies vs Monsters 

Player count: 2- 4 players
Play time: 5 min to learn. 5 min to play

Play as a Teddy and protect the kids or…Play as a Monster and let the feast begin! Teddies vs Monsters is a fast-paced, real-time, multiplayer card game that promises a great balance between quick fun, and strategically driven gameplay.


Moon Bunny

Player Count: 2-4 players
Play time: 45-60 min

Take on the role of a master bunny alchemist inspired by folklore. Your task is to guide your bunny assistants on a journey through the lunar landscape to gather rare Chinese herbs. Each assistant has their own unique hopping movement pattern, and it is up to you to choose the right ones for the task at hand. Once you have collected the necessary ingredients, bring them back to your workshop and arrange them in a specific pattern to brew the ultimate elixir of life. The bunny who is able to gift this elixir to the world, bringing health and happiness to all, wins the game.

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Living Buildings

Player Count: 2-4
Play Time: 30-40 min

In Living Buildings, you take on the role of a Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO) tasked with creating a thriving, self-sufficient building complex. Your goal is to effectively manage resources and minimize negative impact, all while competing against other players. This engaging and competitive board game combines classic mechanics such as engine building, resource management, and worker placement with innovative economic systems including non-monetary currency, impact reporting, and waste management. Experience the thrill of building a sustainable future, take a seat and let’s play Living Buildings.


Spelling Buzz

Players: 2-5
Play time: 45-60 mins

A strategic, worker placement word-building game where you must “bee” precise by planning the most optimal way for your colony to obtain the right ingredients to make the most valuable honey.

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Players: 2-5
Play time: 60-90 Mins

In Dragonfest, you play as a dragon who is competing to collect gilded eggs, which are worth a variable amount of points depending on your level of investment in each egg color. Collect magical floating rings and harness their magic for your advantage, or deliver sets of rings to shrines to claim eggs and score points. Dragonfest explores a unique engine building/set collection system where the rings you collect to score with also must be sacrificed to power your engine. The round-to-round tactical puzzles push and pull you to spend the magical rings, while also positioning yourself to score ring sets.

‘Tis Mutiny!

‘Tis Mutiny is a semi co-operative game set in a fictionalized golden age of piracy. Each player may choose their own path to victory, through social cooperation, scheming or conflict of arms. Whether some, none, or all players win, the game ends with each player describing the ultimate fate of their pirate.


Titania World of Magic

Players: 1-5
Play time: Half hour and up. Ongoing campaigns commonplace.

Episaga Games Ltd. Presents, Titania World of Magic, an innovative new gaming system to rewrite your expectations of what a TTRPG should be. With combat based on real life medieval style combat intermixed with the best of Kung-Fu and integrative system featuring a defenses that require strategic use of tactics in order to defeat your opponents. Dive into the world of Elves, Dwarves, Human and a host of Demons, Therians and even become a mighty Legend yourself. Build castles, settlements and Empires or adventure in your very own adventure mech! Play a host of professions that use a variety of Magic, Runes, Chi and Tech in your never ending quest to explore the outer reaches of Titania World of Magic.

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Reforest: Plants of the Pacific Northwest Coast

Compete to grow the healthiest forest ecosystem by selecting and arranging a synergistic collection of plants. Each plant has a point value and a unique effect, but also requires a cost in nutrients and specific growing conditions to take root. Space is limited, but taller plants can be grown over pioneer species and benefit from their contributions to the soil. In order to develop a successful forest, players will have to manage a robust understory of shrubs and herbs and choose the right time to allow valuable trees to take over the canopy.

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Paper Pinball

Paper Pinball is a fast-playing solo dice game that captures the essence of pinball in about 10-15 minutes. Nineteen full-colour tables are available, each with a arcade-inspired theme, and a twist on the rules that makes each its own unique experience. Each table prints on a single page, which includes the rules and score card.

Crypto Capitalists

Compete against your friends to grow your wealth and invest wisely to
outsmart your competitors or by taking the more risky approaches to
ensure you amass enough wealth to win! Your wealth and investments are private like real life. Keep your wallet closed and your plan to yourself! May the best Capitalist win!

Chicken Heist – The Last Feather

Chicken Heist is a Press Your Luck and Player Elimination card game
inspired by the game of chicken. You and your friends are in a
competition to get the most money from the bank. With dangerous events
awaiting at every corner, Players will need to manage their risks and
decide if they want to continue or run away from the operation. Leave
with the getaway truck and you will get to split the loot. Stay too long
however, you will leave with nothing but a life behind bars. In a high
risk high reward situation, will you stay in the heist? Or will you
chicken out?

Ophiuchus – the 13th Zodiac Sign

Players: 4-6 (best with 6)
Play time: 2 hours

There is turmoil in the Celestial Sky. Ophiuchus, the Serpent-Bearer, considers himself a Zodiac Sign! Ludicrous? The Gods certainly think so… In this strategy game of negotiation, action programming and territory control, players will forge alliances to create powerful, mythical creatures, aiming to spread their influence. Beware, however! Ophiuchus is set on his objective and will aspire to corrupt players, one by one, threatening to ruin everybody’s plan in the process. 


Players: 2-4
Play time: 90-120 minutes

Mistwind is a strategic game of building outposts to create networks and allow your transport whales to move around more efficiently. Players will gain resources to build outposts or train transport whales, gather and deliver resources to fulfill capital demands and complete networking contracts with neighbouring nations in an effort to become the most Trusted Trader in Mistwind.

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Dice Rulers

Players: 2-4
Play time: 60 minutes

Light civilization/4x game with dice drafting, area control and multiple paths to victory.