2022 Proto-Alley

The TCTC Proto-Alley is a space for game designers to showcase and playtest their latest game designs. Meet our local and not-so-local designers, play games that are in-development, and learn about the game creating process.

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2022 Proto-Alley Games

Steam Up: A Feast of Dim Sum
Designers: Pauline Kong, Marie Wong, Haymen Lee
Number of Players: 2–5
Playing time: 40–60 Min

Hello food enthusiasts, welcome to Steam Up, a world-renowned Dim Sum restaurant located deep in the mountains of a mythical land to first achieved the three Gold Ingot status. Come join us on a feast of Dim Sum! You are invited.

Steam Up: A Feast of Dim Sum is a competitive 2-5 player light-medium weight Dim Sum set collection game offering a delicious cultural experience.

At the beginning of the game, steamers, filled with different types of Dim Sum, are stacked and placed on a lazy susan table. Each player takes turns performing 2 different actions each round. Actions include gaining and spending food tokens to purchase Dim Sum in Steamers within their Feast Zone. Players may also play Fortune cards to benefit themselves or affect their opponents. Starting the 2nd round, a Fate card is revealed each round to trigger an event that may affect all players.

The game ends when a specific number of Steamers is purchased or the Fate deck is depleted. Final scoring is then calculated. The player with the most Hearty Points wins and leaves the table with the most satisfied stomach!

Opticall Card Game
Designers: Logan Carlstrom, Kai Elliot, and Finn Elliot.
Number of players: 2-5
Playing time: 5-20 mins

Opticall is a strategic bluffing card game. Players take turns playing cards face-down on a central pile announcing their value when they lay the cards down. Lying about your play is encouraged and sometimes necessary.  Catching the lies nets you a card from the draw pile. The last player left with cards in their hand is the winner.

Game hosted from our website: www.meistercards.com

Krakota: Tournament of Dragons
Designers: Jeremy Rozenhart
Number of Players: 2-4
Playing time: 60-90 minutes (with feedback)

Welcome to the dragon kingdom of Mythagon, a skybound world of many wonders! There is a favorite pastime here, similar in some ways to the sports of your world. It is called the game of Krakota. Many of our youth play it casually, but only a select few from each generation train to become true athletes. It is a tremendous mark of distinction to compete in the annual Krakota tournament, touring throughout the land, amazing spectators, and having the opportunity to come home a dragon champion. Do you have what it takes to soar with the best of us?

Krakota is a 2-4 player light-medium weight set collection and spatial puzzle game where players will take on the role of a dragon athlete competing to become the champion of, you guessed it, Krakota. Each dragon will have to cleverly maneuver around the field in order to collect the magic rings they need to activate special powers, and ultimately to score the dragon eggs they need to fill their Keep. Each ring power has its own use, and each egg type can help you maximize your point total if collected at the right time, and placed wisely. 

Get out on that field, fly through those rings, grab new bindings to use more ring powers, and gather the all dragon eggs you need to score as much as possible before the last Nest is claimed!

Jungle Dash
Designers: Steven Baird, Elya DeVolder
Number of Players: 2–6
Playing time: 15-30 Min

Competitors, welcome to Jungle Dash! Before you is a gruelling race through the Amazon Rainforest. Do you have it in you to be the first onto the awaiting canoe and become the champion?

Jungle Dash is a lightweight, family game with push your luck and “hinder your friends” mechanics. Dash across 8 rows of treacherous jungle tiles that pose challenges such as knee-deep mud, mysterious swamps , or dense vegetation! On your turn, roll the custom dice and play cards to advance forward, overcome obstacles, or obstruct your opponents. Some cards, like chopping down the jungle with a machete, permanently change the board for all players.

Unique Features:

  • Dynamically changing layout that requires players continuously adjust their strategy to overcome new challenges
  • Self-balancing mechanics keep all players engaged throughout the game
  • High replayability with trillions of potential layout combinations

Jungle Dash is available now for trial on the Tabletop Simulator workshop. Download now or contact us at elyvengames@gmail.com to arrange a demo!

E.V.I.L: Ebrinor’s Villain Institute of Lowdowns
Designers: Javier Lavalle, Marisa G.A. Molinar
Number of players: 2 – 4
Playing time: 60 – 90 min

Congratulations! You have been accepted to E.V.I.L the best school of supervillains located in the Demi Plane dimension. Here, you will learn different subjects and be able to explore and control your powers to form yourself as a supervillain. During your stay you can choose to be part of one of our 4 Clans: Elementals, Psychic, Physicals and Energetic. Villains under the age of 16 still have the ability to display all kinds of powers, so choosing a Clan will help you focus your abilities towards the kind of power that you would like the most.

These clans will be like your family, so you must represent them as best as you can, especially in the Machiavellian Qualifier. This is a contest that takes place each year, during the whole school year, where the seniors of each Clan must teach new students to control their powers by crafting pranks on the other clans. The Clan that manages to prank the other Clans the most at the end of the year will be named The Machiavellian Champion. 

E.V.I.L is a 2-4 player strategy, deck building and work-placement game. Where each player will play as a group of 8 villain students trying to impress their Clan seniors by competing in The Machiavellian Qualifier. The competition consists in making the best pranks to other Clans’ students. The pranks made in the competition can help you prepare for real life situations where you might have to outsmart superheroes. 

The pranks that your students must do are pre-assigned by the senior students in the form of contracts, and each contract has certain requirements to be fulfilled. Your objective is to allocate your Clan Students to the different locations in the campus for collecting resources and items you will need to complete as many pranks (contracts) as you can on other students, once you complete a contract you will receive Evil Points.  

Pranks vary in complexity and, therefore, the points you may obtain for a completed contract varies as well. The more complicated the prank the more points you will get. Your goal is to reach 20 Evil Points (EP’s) before anyone else does. 

Are you E.V.I.L enough? 

The Queen Must Die
Designer: Kennedy Goodkey
Number of Players: 2-6
Playing Time: 90-120

Deep in the heart of a long-thought abandoned cave live a dog/lizard/men-like Kobold clan.

Players take the role of war chieftains in the clan who spring to the Queen’s defence the moment a group of adventuring invaders enter their warren.  Players work together to eliminate the threat as the fighters and magic-users work their way to the Queen’s Throne Room… until one or more of them suspect that they have proven themselves the most heroic at stopping the marauders.  If…. Just IF the Queen were to die at the hand of the marauders, the most heroic among the Chieftains would then take the throne.

Chieftains vie to either successfully defend the Queen, or to help the invaders – knowing that the Queen will put the most successful and therefore threatening among them to death if she will survive.

It’s a dungeon crawl – with the players in the role of the dungeon denizens… with palace intrigue underlying their every choice.

Designers: Mark Yuasa and Marcel Perro
Number of Players: 2-4
Playing time: 60-90mins

In PolyHospital, you are the administrator of your very own hospital. You must hire staff and expand your facility to better serve your patients. What’s more, you must direct your patients’ courses of treatment by moving them through your hospital. An administrator’s work is never done!

The player with the most points at the end of 6 rounds wins the game. Your final score is based on the patients you have discharged and the performance point tokens you have collected.