2022 Proto-Alley

The TCTC Proto-Alley is a space for game designers to showcase and playtest their latest game designs. Meet our local and not-so-local designers, play games that are in-development, and learn about the game creating process.

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The Dragon Games: Orakku
Designer: Jeremy Rozenhart
Players: 2-4
Time: 45-80 mins

In the skyworld of Mythagon, The Dragon Games are a yearly tradition. These games spotlight the most incredible athletes Mythagon has to offer, and none are more exhilarating to see than Orakku Рa sport involving aerobatics, magical rings, and the collection of ornamental dragon eggs. In this game you will take to the skies and gather rings that you can either activate powers with, or save up to turn in for Nests. Scoring Nests will in turn give you eggs to put in your Keep, Amulets to activate more powers with, and sometimes immediate points. Use your ring powers wisely, stash the right combination of eggs, and you will surely be victorious!