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2018 Golden Arbutus Jury

Jay Cormier

Jay Cormier is half of the game design duo known as the Bamboozle Brothers. With his partner Sen-Foong Lim they have designed Euro strategy games like BelfortAkrotiri, and the upcoming Godfather: A New Don; party games like But Wait There’s More and Train of Thought; family games like TortugaThis Town Ain’t Big Enough for the 2-4 of Us, and the upcoming Rock Paper Wizards and Pig Goes Moo; social deduction games like Orphan Black; and dexterity games like the upcoming Junk Art. Jay also teaches Game Theory at Vancouver Film School as part of their video game design program.

Paul Dean

Paul Dean is one of the founders of the enormously popular site and web series Shut Up & Sit Down, which has been covering board games for over five years now. He was one of the team who recently rebooted the classic RPG Paranoia and is also a veteran video games journalist and writer, having contributed hundreds of features to publications as diverse as Eurogamer, Ars Technica, PC Gamer and The Telegraph. When he isn’t working, he spends 95% of his spare time looking at pictures of bears on the internet and 5% looking at pictures of skunks.

Kaja Sadowski

Kaja Sadowski has played board games since she first encountered Monopoly and its classic siblings as a young child, and has a particular love for tactical two-player games, RPGs, and social deception and deduction games.

She spent 3.5 years as the manager of Starlit Citadel, a Vancouver-based online board game retailer, and gained unique insight into the manufacturing and retail sides of the gaming industry. She was also the writer and co-host of the Starlit Citadel Reviews video series, which covered over 130 games in 4 seasons (including a number of locally-produced independent titles) and reached an audience of over 25,000 subscribers. Kaja currently spends her time teaching martial arts and self-defense at Valkyrie Western Martial Arts Assembly, and still squeezes in a game or two whenever she can.

Kurtis Wiebe

Kurtis Wiebe is a two time Joe Shuster Award-winning comic writer based in Vancouver, Canada. He currently pens the Eisner-nominated Rat Queens and the Dark Horse series Bounty. An avid gamer, both board games and RPG’s, Wiebe also produces a live Twitch D&D show called D20Babes.  Known as a curmudgeon with a heart of gold and a lover of grilled cheese.

Tao Wong

Tao Wong is the owner of Starlit Citadel, a game store based in Vancouver, BC which was established in 2007. He’s a regular board gamer with eclectic tastes that generally prefers games with greater complexity and high levels of interaction.”